Hi Emartians,

Let the Challenge begin!

you were chosen for an exceptional project. You will have to prove that your team (drawn members 😉 ) has the competency to master every upcoming challenge and reach a common goal, even under tremendous pressure. Since the big reward and glory of the winner is only reserved for one team, we will challenge you in four exciting disciplines. This requires a perfect functioning team, which does not only over perform with its brilliance and shrewdness, but also show its team capabilities on the highest level.

So we are thrilled that you accept this challenge!

Let’s meet on

Thursday, October 17, at 03:00 p.m. at Märzstrasse 1st floor lunch area

for the Team-Challenge with teamazing!


    • There is no Ask the Audience lifeline – please forward your phone calls to a colleague in another Emarsys office.
    • Opting out is not an option – please try to reschedule meetings to join the challenge – the team needs YOU!
    • Equipment: Climbing Harness, Safety Helmet, ect… NOT needed – please just come in your regular office outfit.

#WeAreEmarsys #WeAreOne