Upside Down

Trust your team members when you see the world from a different perspective

You will find this challenge in Palais-Hotel Erzherzog Johann Graz.

When daily life is chaotic – as work is usually – also usual things can stand upside down. In this case you should be able to trust your team members. But time will show which team has still the correct perspective. If you see the world from a different angle of vision, new ways of thinking will rise.

SPG Quiz:

Question 01: Which countries of the CEE/SEE region are the first ones on SPG’s map for extending our services?
A.      Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia, Greece
B.      Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Romania, Slovakia
C.      Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia
Question 02: Why has SPG planned to extend to the Balkans?
A.      Nice landscape, sea and good food
B.      Geographic reasons (nearby, good connections), High-Potentials, Supporting the region
C.      Austria got boring

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